Independent Midwives Association (IMA)

The Independent Midwives Association was founded in 2013 by a group of 10 experienced licensed midwives and 5 future midwives (Carol Davila University students), who set out to bring to the forefront the importance of the midwifery in Romania and thereby restoring the right of Romanian women to have a midwife with them during their fertility period. IMA’s mission involves the rehabilitation, consolidation and promotion of the profession of midwife in Romania and, implicitly, the promotion of adequate health for women of childbearing age, the family, and the mother and child.

IMA is the only Romanian Association active member of the European Midwives Association (EMA) since July 2013 and of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) since April 2017.

The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), founded in 1919, is the world’s leading midwifery organization. ICM is a member of Global Health Workforce and works closely with WHO, FIGO, UNFPA, PMNCH, UNICEF, and other major organizations around the world on maternal and child health. ICM’s vision is for all pregnant women in the world to receive the care and support of a midwife for themselves and their children.

IMA considers that in the Romanian health system the midwife is the missing link in the multidisciplinary team of maternal and childcare. Its activation and integration in this team, according to European norms, will increase the quality of care provided in the field of maternal and child health, will determine a decrease in complications and unnecessary interventions and will implicitly reduce costs and the health system. The use of midwives is the best solution for dissolving the surrogate phenomenon (artificial birth / caesarean section, artificial feeding / milk powder). University training, the skills of an educator, counselor, and health caregiver, as well as the availability and professionalism of the midwife, are the best “tools” for getting out of this situation that puts Romania at the end of Europe.

Since its establishment, AMI has been working with the Romanian Ministry of Health, National Health Insurance Fund, and the Romanian Parliament to recognize the profession of midwife in accordance with European standards and to improve the health of mother and child.

In European law, the midwife cares for, supports and monitors healthy pregnant women and healthy newborns, from their conception, during pregnancy, at birth and postpartum, while also facilitating their integration into families and society. The midwife provides health services to women of childbearing potential and deals with family planning, informing couples with fertility problems, promoting the good health of women / families and the sexual and relational education of young people / teenagers.

In the opinion of IMA, the implementation of a primary care system, based on midwives, at the community level, will considerably improve maternal and child health, will change the European ranking, and will offer Romanian women the opportunity to go through pregnancy, childbirth, childbirth in a positive manner and in an appropriate emotional balance.

The main beneficiaries of a system that integrates the midwife are women, children, and their families. The midwife provides individualized, woman-child, and family-centered care and promotes natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and a non-interventional attitude. This attitude involves low costs that benefit the budget of the Romanian state. The state can also benefit from the services of midwives and to reduce the percentage of young mothers (minors) by introducing sex education classes in schools supported by midwives.

In this context, the reconsideration of the profession of midwife, with a legal status, norms, standard and possibilities of activation in accordance with the European laws is the ideal and the handiest solution. It is obvious that the refusal to properly implement this profession and to abandon these specialists, after investing in them, only aggravates the status of maternal and child health in Romania and deprives Romanian citizens of the benefits of qualified care.