“Caring for Mothers” Network

It brings together providers of specialized medical services and its main objective is to improve access to medical care and support for mothers and children, as well as increasing access to antenatal care, pre and postnatal education, health literacy, prevention of sexual and gender violence, support for breastfeeding and vaccination.

Creșterea accesului femeilor la servicii de sănătate 

Consistent and up-to-date policies on access to family planning, contraception, sexual and reproductive health education and free access to abortion on demand are some of the main solutions to increase women’s access to accessible and safe reproductive health services.

Access to health services for women and children

Health services for pregnant women, mothers, and children from vulnerable groups, including refugees, gynecological and other specialist consultations, pediatric vaccinations, family doctor registrations, translation services, legal aid and support for abused individuals: +40 724 772 211.

Refugee Health Journey

Medical assistance, midwifery services, reproductive health services, contraception, vaccination, psychological counseling, and support.
Call center de sprijin pentru femeile refugiate din Ucraina
+40 724 772 211

Safe Medical Services & Support

Safe medical services & case management within the national healthcare system - For people living with HIV, people affected by Tuberculosis, Trans people, LGBTIQA+ people people who use drugs, people with disabilities
Call center UA & EN
+40 724 772 211

CuddleCot – “Mothers without Flowers”

Mourning spaces and support for mothers who have given birth to a child who did not survive. We brought the first CuddleCot™ units to Romania so that parents who have lost a child in birth can say goodbye as they feel, as they need to.

Developing the midwifery profession

We are continuously working to strengthen and promote the profession of midwifery in Romania as a provider of medical services for women and newborns. We have launched partnerships with medical universities and offer support to those interested in applying to the Faculty of Midwifery.
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